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Meet the board

Parks Options are governed by a Board of Trustees; their wealth of experience from broad areas of the community and expansive knowledge are valuable assets to our organisation.

Parks Options Board Members:

Richie Keenan
– Chair

After living in Kensington for over 40 years, Richie’s involvement began in 1995 when he became a founding member of Parks Options Ltd. Parks Options has undergone numerous changes and challenges but remains true to its initial vision of community regeneration. Richie’s role has also developed within the organisation and he is now Chair of the Board of Trustees.

Steve McElroy – Trustee

Steve was born and bred in Liverpool. After studying Chemistry and graduating with an honours Degree, Steve embarked on his teaching career. After working in numerous schools since 1975, he was appointed Deputy Head at Cardinal Heenan in 1996. In 2004, Steve set up the Academy of St Francis of Assisi with Jim Burke and has since retired from his post however remains an active Trustee providing continued support towards both staff and the local community.

Mike Edwards – Trustee

Mike works in the private sector in marketing, design and communications. He established and is joint Managing Director of Kaleidoscope ADM. Mike also sits on the Bank of England SME Advisory Panel for Merseyside, as a business advisor for Businesses of Arts, as well as sitting on various other Arts Boards. Mike was previously appointed as a Director at Sure Options, or Delivery Arm, however he resigned from this post and undertook the role of Trustee within Parks Options.

Ken Newbold – Trustee

Ken originates from the Kensington area, and due to this he has a sound knowledge of the community and its needs.
Ken worked for Liverpool City Council for 45 years, encompassing various departments in Senior Management roles, he recently retired from Liverpool City Council and has gone on to establish and manage his own consultancy construction company within the private sector.
Ken’s dedication, and enthusiasm for empowering change in communities, coupled with his vast experience renders him a valuable Trustee of Parks Options, and we are very pleased to have him as a member of our Board.

Phil Moore – 

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